Straight Talk

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“I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

Digma offers a collection of videos that discuss relevant life questions.

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Explore some of life’s more difficult questions with Ty Gibson.

      1. What are the speaker’s main points?
      2. What evidence does he give to support his points?
      3. Is Gibson’s evidence solid?
      4. What conclusions does he make?
      5. What are your conclusions?

Useful Vocabulary

    1. diabolical = belonging to evil
    2. hunch = feeling or guess
    3. forbidden = cannot, not allowed
    4. impose = to force on someone
    5. dismay = cause to feel distress
    6. phenomenon = something that is a fact, but hard to explain
    7. flourish = grow, develop
    8. implication  = draw a conclusion
    9. engineered for = made for, built for
    10. posed a question = present
    11. vitally = very necessary
    12. contradiction = ideas, situation that are opposed, against
    13. paradigm = normal pattern, example of something, worldview
    14. self-giving = give without thinking of self
    15. self-preserving = life to keep one’s life, protect one’s self
    16. tenacious = not letting go, keep a firm hold on something
    17. persistence = keep going, even through difficulties
    18. obvious = easy to understand, see