College Writing 4

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Welcome to College Writing Made Simple 4

High Intermediate Writing Course

College Writing Made Simple 4 is a three-week course designed to further build a foundation for college level essay writing.

In this course, you will learn how to write a problem - solution essay.  You will study how to paraphrase, summarize, and use in-text citations.  You will also learn how to read critically, and to express your opinion on reading passages.  When you finish this course, you will be able to plan, write, and revise a college level essay.

This course is for intermediate, non-native speakers of English who plan to attend a university in the United States.(Excellent course for TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, and GED preparation).

Teacher-Assisted, Self-Study
Video Presentations
Downloadable Handouts
Academic English
Certificate of Completion

Scope of Course


• Identify purpose and tone
• Read for main ideas
• Read for details
• Understand authentic passages


• Understand organization for problem - solution essay
• Make an outline
• Write a five-paragraph problem - solution essay
• Revise, edit, and rewrite
• Summarize and respond to reading passage
• Paraphrase with proper in-text citations

Vocabulary and Grammar

• Learn synonyms
• Passive voice
• Reported Speech



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