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What does “core” mean?

The word “core” has four meanings: 1). the center part of certain types of fruit, 2). the center or the most important part of something, 3). the central part of a planet, that which is in the middle, 4). relating to inflation, sudden and temporary price changes.

For our purposes here we are interested in the first two meanings. The first one refers to fruit as in the following examples. “Usually we don’t eat the core of apples.”  “The core is tough and contains the seeds.” “You will need to core the pear before eating it.”

The second one refers to that which is most important, as in the following examples. “Students must take core classes before they can graduate.”  “We need to get to the core of the problem before we can solve it.”

Word Family

Verb Noun Adjective Adverb
core core x x

core classes, core values, down to the core, at its core


How do I use “project” as a verb?

We usually use the word “project” (noun:ˈpräjˌekt) as a noun, meaning something that is carefully planned to achieve a goal. The students were assigned a research project.

But we can also use “project” (verb: prəˈjekt) as a verb meaning to predict or forecast something based on present trends. Based on the current rate of spending, we can project the final cost will be between four hundred to four hundred and fifty dollars.




What does “presume” mean?

AWL (Academic Word List)

presume = suppose something to be true based on past knowledge or experience

  • “You have been in the office all day.  I presume you have the project finished.”
  • “Everyone has already gone home.  I presume all the doors are locked.”
  • “I am using the company car to go to Chicago.  I presume it is in the garage.”

Word Families

presume (v),  presumption (n), presumptuous, presumptive (adj) presumably (adv)

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What does “placebo” mean?

A placebo is a pill, medicine, or a procedure that has only psychological effects on a patient.  In other words, doctors may prescribe a placebo to a patient when they do not need actual medicine, but the patient believes they need medicine to survive or heal.

Placebos are also used in control groups when experimenting with new drugs.


Reference Words

We use reference words to refer back to someone or something that was already named.  Reference words are typically pronouns such as he, she, they, them, and it.  Other words commonly used as referents are one, ones, this, that, these and those.

When reading a passage, it is important to follow the referents and know what they refer back to.