Improve Reading

Students often ask the question, “how can I improve my reading speed?”  If you are one of those students that would like to improve your reading skills, try the following suggestions.

  1. Preview the passage you are going to read, such as main headings, chapter titles, pictures, etc., and make an educated guess on what the passage is about.
  2. As you read, focus on the main ideas and supporting details and how the writer organizes the passage.
  3. Write down main ideas and questions as you read.
    • Summarize them into your own words.
  4. Learn to read several words at one time.  Train your eye to see phrases instead of single words. Ex: Research___revealed___ that the substance____in question___was safe to use.
    • Focus on key words (content words) in the sentences, not function words, such as that, the, in, to etc…
  5. Take time to reflect on what you have read.
  6. Time yourself and only read until you become tired.  Next time try to read a little longer. Don’t exhaust yourself.
  7. Read the same material over at least three times, allowing several hours between each reading.  Each time you read you should become more fluent.
  8. Read often.


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