Integrated Topic Five

Topic Five -“5 Dangerous Things You Should let your Kids Do”

In our final lesson of this series, we will look briefly at inferences before we listen to Gever Tulley’s presentation on “5 Dangerous things you should let your kids do.” 


A speaker or a writer may not say directly what they mean, but they may present ideas that are implied. We call this making inferences, or “reading between the lines.”

What inferences can be made from the follow passage?

“So we build a lot of things. And I do put power tools into the hands of second-graders. So if you’re thinking about sending your kid to Tinkering School, they do come back bruised, scraped and bloody.”   -Gever Tulle

There are two inferences that can be made from this passage:

  1. That second-graders can learn how to handle power tools
  2. They will probably get injured in the process

Listening Task

Topic Question: “Using the examples discussed by the speaker, explain how children learn from dangerous things.”

In Gever Tulley’s presentation, “5 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kids Do,” he talks about how regulations have limited children from learning by protecting them from dangerous things.

Directions: As you listen to the presentation, review the notes provided for you.  Remember when you write your essay, you will write from the speaker’s point of view.  In this listening task the speaker makes a number of inferences. See if you can find them.

  1. First, read the Topic Question Carefully
  2. Read the Samples Notes
  3. Then listen to the lecture
  4. Take notes of the lecture


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