Integrated Topic Three

Topic Three – The Worldwide Telescope

Technology has opened many doors for science. One of the doors it has opened is on the universe. Thanks to technology not only can scientist explore beyond our solar system today, but everyone who has access to the Internet can also experience countless other galaxies from the convenience of their home.

More on Note Taking

In lesson one we talked about Note Taking, and as you listened to the lecture you followed the Sample Note sheet. In the second lesson we talked about finding the Main Ideas and Supporting Ideas, and as you read the passage you looked for clues.

In this lesson you will look at a Sample Note sheet with only the main ideas. You will then write the supporting ideas as you listen.   Remember writer’s usually support the topic with evidence, examples, or explanations.

As you take notes try to write only essential words. In other words, do not write full sentences, but only phrases or words.  Also, try to use symbols instead of words, such as” %” for percent, or “#” for number, or “w/” for with.

Listening Task

Topic Question: The speaker discusses three reasons why he feels the Worldwide Telescope is transformative. Using the information in his talk, explain why he feels the Worldwide Telescope will change the way we see ourselves.

Roy Gould talks about how the Worldwide Telescope will be transformative. He talks about how galaxies extend beyond our own galaxy, and then gives reasons why he is excited about the telescope.

Before listening to the lecture, review the sample notes below.  Then as you listen, write the details under the main ideas.

Remember when you write your essay, you will write from the speaker’s point of view why he feels the Worldwide Telescope will change our lives.

Directions: As you listen to the presentation, view the notes provided for you. Remember when you write your essay, you will use the speaker’s reasons why we are losing our listening.

  1. First, read the Topic Question Carefully
  2. Read the Samples Notes
  3. Then listen to the lecture
  4. Take notes of the lecture


Write a 300-400 word essay on the topic above.

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Sample Notes – The Worldwide Telescope

Main Ideas

The Worldwide Telescope takes the best images from the world’s best telescopes

  1. Do –
  2. Teach –
  3. See ourselves –

The galaxies extent far beyond our own galaxies

  1. we see
  2. we see
  3. we see
  4. we see
  5. we see
  6. we see

Until now our view of the universe has been disconnected and fragmented

Three reasons why they are excited about the telescope

We can now have a dialog with our universe


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