Independent Topic Five


Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?  Experiences in our lives that seem difficult at the time, become valuable lessons for the future.


Topic 5 is asking us if we agree or disagree with a given statement.  We can choose to do either.  If we agree with the statement, then we can choose an experience in our past, or in the past of someone else, that was difficult, and yet valuable lessons were learned.

If we choose to disagree with the statement, then likewise we need to choose experiences that can support our choice.

Like in other Independent Topics, I would suggest using personal experiences, or experiences of well-known people.  This way you will be able to write or speak intelligently.  Some people like to make stories up, but you have to be careful or else you may find yourself disagreeing with yourself at some point or another.

Like Topic 4, we need to be careful to stay within the time boundaries.  We may get so involved in our stories that we forget and run out of time.

Remember, stay focused!

Listen to the video discussion.

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