Independent Topic Three


Some people believe that the Earth is being damaged by human inventions.Others feel that human inventions make the Earth a better place to live.


Topic 3 is a little more difficult, in that it is asking you to write or talk about human inventions that may be  both beneficial, and at the same time, damaging to the Earth.  Certainly, in the news there are many examples that you can use.

In reality, most inventions, on one hand, make the Earth a better place, while on the other hand, they also harm or damage the Earth in some way or another.  For example automobiles, they provide needed transportation for many people, but they also emit pollutants that harm the air.

So in answering this topic, I would suggest first that you state your position clearly. Then support your answer with two or three reasons and/or examples of why you believe what you do.  Then conclude your answer by restating your opinion.

Listen to the video discussion.

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