Independent Topic One


What discovery in the last 100 years has been most beneficial for people in your country?


This topic is asking you to choose a discovery that has benefited the people in your country. Make sure it has been discovered within the last 100 years.
There are many things you could choose from, but I would suggest you choose something that has been useful to you personally. If you are familiar with the discovery personally, you will be able to think of examples and even details more easily.
When introducing your topic sentence, you can make a brief statement, such as, “In my opinion,…” or “I believe the cell phone has been …” Or you can be more creative as long as your topic clearly states your opinion.
Then support your topic by stating 2 or 3 examples and/or details. And of course, in your concluding statement repeat your topic sentence.
Listen to the video discussion for more ideas on the topic.

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