About Us


Our Story

Founded in 2009, ELLCenter was created to help international students enter American universities. Today, ELLCenter offers teacher-assisted, self-study and real-time courses designed to help students master reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.

Based in Oregon, ELLCenter maintains a global classroom that reaches around the world. We work with students from Saudi Arabia, Japan, China, Russia, Germany, Netherlands, Iran, Mexico and Columbia.

Our Mission

ELLCenter helps students from other countries achieve their personal and academic goals by providing meaningful and relevant online courses.



“Thank you for fall semester! You are very great teacher! I was really encouraged by your words and attitude toward students. I finished all classes because of your encouragement! Thank you, – Aiko

“I`m writing this quick note just to tell you that the videos which you have uploaded to youtube were very useful to me!! Thank you!” – Gracie

“Thank you so much for teaching this. It is really helpful.” – Suzy