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    English Language Learning

    Courses that help you master academic reading and writing


Choose one of these courses:

In College Writing Made Simple coursesyou will learn the process of writing academic essays. You will study strategies for learning vocabulary, understanding authentic reading passages, summarizing, and making outlines. When you have finished the courses, you will be prepared to plan, write, and revise a college level essay.

English for Achievement is a skill-based English language program that is designed for rapid language learning. The courses focus on improving academic listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills.


College Writing Made Simple courses offer a fast and efficient way to improve reading and writing skills. You will study about and practice the steps in writing a research essay. Lessons include video presentations, language explanations, examples, handouts, writing exercises, and interactive quizzes.

Course Features

  • High-interest topics
  • Authentic reading passages
  • Academic vocabulary
  • Teacher-assisted lessons
  • Live tutoring
  • Graded quizzes and essays