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The Passive Voice

Using the Passive in Essay Writing When we use the passive voice, we take the object and move it into the subject position.  We do this primarily when the subject is less important and the object (the action) is more important.  Take for example: My glasses were broken. In this case, it is not so […]


So and Because

When writing an opinion paragraph, writers often use the connectors so and because to show cause and effect.  Writers use because to introduce reason, and so to introduce effects or results. Examples: Because it rained all night, the streets were flooded in the morning. The streets were flooded in the morning because it rained all night. It rained all night, […]


Creative Thinking

Definition: A way of thinking, or approaching a problem or situation differently than the usual methods. Thinking outside the box in positive ways. Asking questions to understand deeper meanings of passage. Creative Thinking is: Learning to be actively engaged in asking questions about the topic Disciplining the mind to think closely Developing and habitually using your ability to […]


Reference Words

We use reference words to refer back to someone or something that was already named.  Reference words are typically pronouns such as he, she, they, them, and it.  Other words commonly used as referents are one, ones, this, that, these and those. When reading a passage, it is important to follow the referents and know what they […]


Collocations with Prepositions

Collocations are words that we commonly use together.  Below is a list of collocation with prepositions. normal for  – It is normal for children to go to bed early. attach to – She quickly became attached to the new puppy. replace with – He replaced his laptop with an iPad. required to – All students are required […]

In preparing your final draft, you will edit, revise, and rewrite.

Preparing Your Final Draft

In preparing your final draft, you will edit, revise, and rewrite. First, look at your essay organization. Your Introduction should have a hook, connecting information, and a strong thesis statement. Your body paragraphs should have topic sentences, and solid, well developed supporting details. Your conclusion should restate the thesis statement, summarize, and include a closing remark. Check for unity and coherence. Delete […]