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Students watch interactive presentations to help them master reading and writing skills


The teacher answers questions, grades quizzes, and proofreads essays.

$90 - 120 per course

After finishing, you can access the course as long as you need.

College Writing 3

Cause and Effect Essay

College Writing 4

Problem / Solution Essay


Independent Writing

Important Dates

September 26 - Enroll in TOEFL 301 - an online course designed to improve your independent writing scores. (more...)
September 26 - Take College Writing 3 and learn how to write an academic cause and effect essay. (more...)
October 17 - TOEFL 302 will be offered online.  This course will help students improve their Integrated writing scores.

Answers to Your Questions

How is the TOEFL Integrated Writing Section Scored?

Your score on the TOEFL Integrated Writing Section is based on three things: Your accuracy in answering the question. Your ability to develop the ideas. Your use of language and sentences. **Remember, the Integrated Writing Section is not asking for your opinion.  Your answer is based on the reading passage and the lecture.  On the Independent Writing Task […]

How long do I have on the TOEFL Writing Section?

The writing section of the TOEFL iBT has two tasks: The Integrated Task and the Independent task. On the Integrated Writing Task you will read a passage and listen to a lecture on a given topic.  Then you will be shown a question based on the topic. You will have twenty minutes to plan, write, […]

Tip for Writers

When you proofread your essay, make sure your sentences are cohesive. In other words, make sure ideas flow smoothly from one sentence to another.

How do I improve my reading?

When learning a second language, it is easy to focus on every word.  To improve your reading, teach yourself to focus on phrases instead of words. If you do this, it will improve both your fluency and your comprehension. For example, the following sentence has three phrases.  The first phrase tells us who does the action […]

How do I relax when giving a speech?

Feeling anxious when you have to give a speech is normal.  In fact, a certain amount of anxiety can keep you from feeling overconfident. There are three things you can do to help control anxiety before giving a speech. Know your material backwards and forwards. This doesn’t mean memorizing it, but it means knowing it well enough to […]

“must not” and “do not have to”

Do “must not” and “do not have to” mean the same thing? No, they don’t. They mean quite the opposite.  “must not” means something that cannot be done.  As in, “You must not [cannot] go shopping today.”  “do not have to” means something that is not necessary.  As in, “You do not have to [it is not […]


We say a person is decisive when they are able to make decisions quickly and the decisions are correct. We also use the word decisive when we talk about something that settles an issue. WORD FAMILY: decide (verb), decision (noun), decisive (adjective), decisively (adverb). COLLOCATIONS: decisive vote, decisive evidence, decisive moment  

Compound subject / compound verb

QUESTION: Can a simple sentence have 2 verbs with a same subject and two subjects with the same verb?  For instance, My friend and I were sitting in the library and studying for our exam. ANSWER: The simple answer is yes.  Your example above has a compound subject and a compound verb.  It is not […]

“Thank you for fall semester! You are very great teacher! I was really encouraged by your words and attitude toward students. I finished all classes because of your encouragement! Thank you, Aiko”

What’s New


Beginning September 26, 2016 TOEFL 301 is designed for intermediate, non-native speakers of English who plan to take the TOEFL iBT test.  The course focuses on helping students master the steps in the writing process emphasizing essay organization, paragraph development, word choice, and sentence structure. Early Registration

Essay Writing: Problem-Solution

College Writing Made Simple 4 is scheduled to begin September 26, 2016.  This course is for students who need extra help in academic reading and writing on the intermediate level.  In the course we will develop a problem-solution essay on a topic that is current and controversial. For early enrollment, go to Essay Writing: Problem […]

5 Keys Workshop: How to Paraphrase

How to Paraphrase In this FREE online workshop, we will discuss paraphrasing: what it is and how to “put it in your own words.” We will also discuss how to use in-text citations and more. This workshop is ideal for intermediate to high intermediate students of other languages. Dates: June 13 Time: 10:00 AM PST Level: Intermediate […]

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